During a holiday in Auvergne, France in 1994, I became fascinated by the liberating impact of creative painting. For me, painting is the best way to be true to myself and to express my feelings and emotions without any restraint. Over the years I followed and completed several courses and trainings in art, ranging from studying at the  ‘Vrije Academie’ in The Hague to learning from and working with a large number of reknown visual artists.

My passion for painting is reflected in my primarily large, abstract and multi-coloured acrylic works, in thick coats of paint, guided by my intuition. My inspiration stems from interaction with the people around me, from nature and from my perception and understanding of current events, both in my personal life and in the world we live in. All my painings are precious to me. They represent my deepest feelings and emotions.

I kept my paintings mainly to myself for over twenty years. Recently I was requested by the exclusive kitchen brand bulthaup to set up a solo exhibition in her beautiful showroom in The Hague. This request, combined with the many positive responses which I get on my works of art, led me to feel encouraged to share my paintings with a larger audience. This has been very motivating and inspires me tremendously!