“I love your work! You translate paint and colour into powerful, deeply emotional notes that resound for a long time. Your work contains much life and joy.”

Vincent Botella, former teacher Vrije Academie The Hague


“I am impressed by your works of art. Each work of art is different. I experience fantasy, visions in several of your paintings. In some I see a horizon. Sometimes in a meadow landscape, and at other times above the sea. Absolutely astonishing how you can dream away in them. Very exciting and surprising!”

Eeke Crabbendam, Art Historian


“Ingrid’s abstract works of art trigger people’s imagination. The variety of colours give alternating utterance to expressionistic passion and lyrical poetry. The layers of paint and the strokes of the paintbrush and palette knife draw you into her creations: a sensation that is part and parcel of true art.”

Jan Kleijne, art collector and board member of the Armando Foundation